Washington Plaza FAQs

Key Pick-up
You will receive keys from the main office located at 21 N. Butler St,  Madison, WI 53703. Upon pick-up you must go to the lobby area, there is a callbox located to the left of the main door. Enter 101, then a green dial button to be buzzed in. If a gym pick-up has been discussed you will go to 15 N. Butler St, Madison, WI 53703. The Capital Fitness front desk will be on the 2nd floor, you will need to either give them your full name or address.
Utility Set-Up 
Heat, AC, and electricity will directly be handled through tenants and MGE. This is required to be done by the beginning of your lease, or upon an earlier scheduled key pick-up. You may contact them at (608)252-7222 or through their online portal at www.mge.com. Your service address will be 425 W. Washington 
Thermostat/Furnace Instructions
Each apartment is equipped with its own thermostat and heating/cooling unit (behind the metal panel), so you have complete control over your apartment’s temperature at all times.  If at any time during your tenancy you think your heat or AC is not working, check the following items:
1. Does the thermostat say low battery? If so, replace the battery or put in a maintenance request.
2.Make sure the circuit breaker, located in your electrical panel, is ON.
During move-in, we ask tenants to use street parking while unloading, if you have an underground parking permit you may pull in as long as your vehicle does not surpass height restrictions. If any vehicles are found blocking the garage entryway or are parked without a pass you face the chance of being towed. We ask tenants to be mindful when loading into the elevator as if the doors are left open for too long it will throw off the censors, causing the elevators to temporarily shut down.
Telephone Entry System
There is a call box located to the left of the interior entry door, guests can simply enter your unit number then press the green dial button. Upon buzzing the cell phone number for the tenant will be called by the following number: 608-257-1849. Simply answer the call and press 9 on your keypad. 
The machines operate on a Smart Card system. The add-value machine is located near the first-floor laundry room, a $10 bill is required for the initial purchase of a laundry card. To add value to the laundry card simply insert it into the reader, and then feed through $5, $10, or $20 bills only.  
During key pick-up, if you have added underground parking onto your lease you will receive a parking tag. We ask that this tag is visible from your rearview mirror at all times, numbers/logo should be facing outwards. Prairie Land towing monitors the lot, any unauthorized vehicles/without pass will be towed.
Internet Connection
The internet is provided through SupraNet. All you need to do is find your ethernet port(s) (blue or orange cords near the kitchen) and plug in your computer or router. We do not provide wireless routers. Please contact SupraNet at (608) 237-6152 with any issues. 
Monthly Fire Test
The monthly fire tests are done on the first Tuesday of every month. Quarterly and annual test dates will be emailed to let you know when they are occurring. Remember to be extremely careful around both sprinkler heads and emergency pulls throughout the building.
Butler Management LLC provides after-hours maintenance service for any heat, water, or light emergencies.  Please call our after-hours maintenance staff at 608-347-3458 to report any emergency maintenance issues. For all non-emergency maintenance, a request must be submitted through your tenant access portal which can be found at https://butlerplaza.twa.rentmanager.com/. It is best to submit maintenance requests earlier in the day, so we can complete it as quickly as possible for you.
Both the trash and recycling receptacles are located on the front exterior of the building.  They are located to the far left of the garage door entrances, behind a wooden paneled fence. Please make sure that all recycling is placed within paper bags, and that all cardboard boxes are thoroughly broken down.
Subletting options are available, with possibilities of either finding a new tenant on your own or with our assistance. With a tenant found subletter there will be a $75 fee. The prospective subletter must complete an application which can be found on our website at https://butlerplaza.twa.rentmanager.com/applynow/. Once the application is completed, we will require it to be submitted to us along with a security deposit made payable to the current tenant.
Our team also offers the option of us finding a subletter, with extensive advertising through multiple platforms and scheduling tours. There is a $250 fee, and the current tenant will be responsible for paying rent until the new subletter takes over the lease.