Resident FAQs

How do I pay my rent?

Rent can be paid with cash, check, money orders, or cashier's checks.  Rent is due on the 1st of every month. All buildings are able to use a 3rd party venue, CozyCozy is not automatically set up to match your lease.  You physically have to enter in your personal data and your rent amount stated for your lease.  

Where do I park?

There are no assigned parking spots.  However, if there are no spots available where you park please call our office if it is within our business hours.  If it is outside of our business hours call our afterhours phone number at 608-347-3458 and our afterhours maintenance person will assist you. 

Apartment building parking
Parking in downtown Madison can sometimes present challenges. We make it easy by giving residents in our apartments the option of leasing a reserved parking space. Parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and vary by apartment. Typical rates are:

  • Off Street, Outdoor: $85, $100, $150
  • Heated, Underground: $195

How do I report something to maintenance?

When something goes astray and one needs maintenance please fill out the maintenance form on our website.  If there is an emergency occurring in your unit during our business hours, please call our office at 608-256-1400. 

If there is an emergency occurring in your unit outside of our business hours, please call our After Hours maintenance number at 608-347-3458. If the maintenance you're in need of is not an emergency, please fill out this form

How do I change utilities not included with my apartment rent?

Please contact Madison Gas and Electric at 608-252-7222 to switch your utilities from your old address to your new address when moving in/out.  You can see the average energy use and cost for each residential address at Madison Gas and Electric. 

Thermostat/Furnace Instructions

Each apartment is equipped with a separate thermostat and furnace/metal panel so you have complete control over your temperature at all times. The thermostat cover is removable with instructions on the inside cover. If at any time during your tenancy you think your heat or A/C is not working check the following items:

  1. Make sure the unit is ON. Located in the vicinity of the thermostat and metal panel is a light switch that is power to your unit. It must be ON for your unit to function.
  2. Make sure the circuit breaker located in your electrical panel is ON.
  3. Reset the unit by turning the unit to OFF on the thermostat, and flipping the circuit in the breaker box to off and then on again. Wait 5-10 minutes and then attempt to turn your unit to heat or A/C.
  4. These units function better when the unit is on Manual (instead of Program) and when the fan is on Auto (instead of ON).

Telephone Entry System

Arkadia, Butler Plaza, Odessa, and Washington Plaza:

Your buzzer will connect to your cell phone, when it rings you can push the number 9 to let guests in. There is a 30 second delay for them to get into the elevator without using a FOB.

Monthly Fire Test

Just a reminder, we test the fire alarms every first Tuesday of the month. Quarterly and annual test dates will be emailed to let you know when they are occurring. Keep in mind to be extremely careful around both sprinkler heads and pull stations throughout the building.


The machines operate on a Smart Card System. The machine to add value is on the first floor of Washington Plaza or Butler Plaza. For Washington Plaza, you will be given a card upon move in, any replacements needed will be $20. For Butler Plaza, the card must be purchased with a $10 bill only. The card will have no value when you purchase it. The hallway is accessible daily from 8 am to 9pm.


Internet Connection

Please contact Supranet with questions at (608) 237-6152. Your apartment has a plug in the wall with a blue or orange ring that you would plug your computer or router into for internet access. We do not provide wifi.


Cable/Charter Communications

One digital cable box is provided free of charge. Find the nearest location to you at  Bring your lease as proof of address. 

I need to move out before my lease ends, what are my options?

You have two options. You can sublet the apartment on your own, at which you would have to pay $75 sublet fee at the time the sublet takes place. The person applying would need to complete an application, which you can find on our website at Once he or she has completed the application they'll need to submit it to us along with the security deposit made payable to yourself. Your second option is for us to find a subletter for you in which case you would be charged $250 at the time the sublet takes place. 

If you'd like us to find the subletter for you, please send an email to us stating that you would prefer for us to do so, as well as your understanding that you are still responsible for paying the rent until the subletter is found for you. Also, that you understand that you are responsible for paying the $250 sublet fee once the sublet takes place. The state requires that we give you at least 12 hours notice that we will be showing your unit, please let us know if you would like to waive that in order to try to get the unit rented more quickly. 

Please let us know which option will work best for you.