Apartment Add-Ons

Apartment Building Parking

Parking in downtown Madison can sometimes present challenges. We make it easy by giving residents in our apartments the option of leasing a parking space. Parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and vary by apartment. Typical rates are: 

  • $85, $100, $150, $195

You can indicate on your apartment lease application if you would like to reserve a space, or inquire about current openings


Adding Pets to Your Apartment Lease

cats allowed in apartment - cat photoYour pet is your family and we make it easy to bring your pet to your new apartment. Cats and dogs with manager approval can live in your apartment with you. If you are already an apartment resident and add a new pet to your household, you will need to add the pet to your apartment lease. Additional pet fees apply to all dogs and cats occupying the apartment. 

  • 1 dog with manager approval - $50/month
  • 1 cat with manager approval - $35/month (residents may have up to 2 cats)

If you need to leave your pets behind for vacations and trips, Butler Management recommends the Pet-Sitting Services of Abigail Pacek. Abigail can come to your apartment to care for your animals. 

Abigail Polacek


Add a Storage Unit to your Apartment Lease

Our apartments are spacious, but sometimes you need a little extra space for your things. The following apartments have storage units for rent: 

  • Butler Plaza and Arkadia (6ft x 3ft) - $35/month
  • Washington Plaza (5ft x 3ft)- $30/month
  • Odessa - $25/month

To reserve a storage unit, please contact us.


Carpet Cleaning recommendation:

Zerorez = 608-848-9000